How to Plan Your Way Forward - The Six Steps

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Running your own business can be utterly overwhelming.

It feels like you have to shoulder all the burdens yourself and it's so hard to get perspective or work out which direction to take.

Time is scarce and you need to focus on the things that will drive your business forward - but you can't always tell what they are. You want to provide great service, but it you can't quite see how to deliver true value and still achieve lasting profit and growth.

So where do you turn for advice?

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you the cold hard truth. Someone objective, who'll see the big picture, get you on the right track, and make you accountable for staying there.

And at other times you need support and encouragement, someone to validate your decisions and give you the motivation to persist when the going gets rough.

Ally, supporter, advisor and guide: that someone is me.

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