About Alan Glasby & Kestrel Business Assist

How I can Help you.

My name is Alan Glasby and I deliver programs that focus business owners on the priorities that will make a difference.

I've been a successful business coach for over 12 years.

After more than twenty years in the cutthroat corporate environment I found myself between roles. I spent the next few years as a full time father, revaluating my priorities and reflecting on everything I had learned about managing a business.

During this period one of my friends began to talk about starting a business. He had a genius for electrical engineering, but was overwhelmed at the prospect of leaving his job and going it alone. I convinced him to take the plunge and promised to mentor him through the process.

With my support he built a flourishing business. As a result of his success and his trust in me, I quickly gained more clients through word of mouth - and I realised I'd found something I really enjoyed doing. My satisfaction in helping and supporting these passionate changemakers was so great I decided to become a full time business mentor.

I found that like my totem, the keen-eyed, hovering kestrel, I have an exceptional talent for viewing businesses from above, to identify opportunities, obstacles and solutions objectively.

And so Kestrel Business Assist was born.

My philosophy

The advice and support I give my clients is firmly grounded in four core beliefs:

If you want long term profitability and business growth you have to plan ahead. You need to know what you want to accomplish, by when, and create a clear, practical strategy to achieve those goals.
To be truly productive you need to be accountable - to monitor your progress towards your goals and evaluate your performance with objectivity and honesty.
Recognising and embracing your limitations is extremely constructive. The struggle to overcome constraints in time, budget or knowledge inspires creative thinking and exceptional solutions.
You are the real expert on your business and the chances are you already have the answers you need – you just have to unlock them. The best way to focus your thoughts and gain confidence in your own judgment is to discuss and explore your ideas with someone you trust.
What I do

Every business – and business owner - is unique. The type of support you need from me will be defined by your own experiences, your approach and the particular challenges you face.

As your business coach and mentor my role is to provide a clear, unbiased perspective, to motivate and support you and to fill the gaps in your knowledge, skills and resources.

As well as expert strategic advice I give practical, hands-on support. We will:

  • prioritise your workload
  • identify and eliminate distractions
  • set clear business goals
  • identify problem areas and develop clear solutions
  • develop a practical strategy to achieve your objectives
  • analyse your customer base
  • establish efficient, sustainable systems
  • train staff, embed new skills and manage change

The benefits for you

These are just some of the benefits of utilising the services of a mentor.

  • Sustained, profitable business growth
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Less stress and a more balanced lifestyle
  • More time to focus on your core business
  • Long-term, profitable customer relationships

Kestrel Business Assist.  Focus your strategy to deliver your potential.

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