Beat the weeds - 5 tips to Sell Sustainability Wirrimbi Milling

Mon, May 12th, 2014 5:44:27 pm

David Zeck talks to me about his Business Wirrimbi Milling. This wonderfully sustainable business takes waste shell, broken, and out of specification Macadamia nuts and turns them into quality protein and Fibre stock feed. They don't go into land fill, they don't get burned. Here are David's 5 tips to turn your idea to save the planet into a business.

1. Take a punt on your idea
2. Visualise what you want to happen
3. Be aware that you need to market your product. Your client won't automatically come to you.
4. Beat the weeds - Beat the weeds.
5. Make it simple for your stakeholders.

Be tenacious, you will have your "Naysayers". Persevere and be persistent.

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