Customer Assumptions and the 32 Buses in Mississippi leaving within the hour.

Mon, Dec 23rd, 2013 4:40:36 pm

My daughter and her friend Will were getting a lift to Junior School. Bored in the back seat, they started to talk to SIRI, the electronic iPhone assistant. Siri responded to a garbled question with "Sorry, I missed that." The children repeated the question but it still didn't get through. Siri thought for a while and then said; "There will be 32 buses available in Mississippi within the next hour." Now we are on the other side of the globe in NSW Australia and with not a lot of chance of catching one of those 32 buses.

Often we make assumptions about our clients' wants that are as far off beam as SIRI's was in this instance.

I have a colleague who was getting worked up about the charges of Credit Card payments made to him. He became to really hate that method of payment, due to the leaking of his profit in a competitive market place. I convinced him to offer alternative pricing for Credit payment but he made the assumption that the clients wouldn't pay. His concerns were ill founded and he offered alternatives and now lets the consumer decide.

Consider offering alternatives if you are having niggling problems with your products or pricing.(or give Delta Bus Lines Inc a call.)

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