Don’t hold back. Share with your Staff or they may hit the Road.

Wed, Oct 30th, 2013 1:06:52 pm

I have a client who's business is undergoing change at the moment. He has some good news coming for his staff , but has decided to keep it up his sleeve until it is complete. I have advised him to share this knowledge and he was concerned about something going wrong and/or delivering it complete, like a gift on Christmas morning.

Sometimes the benefit could be greater in the Now by sharing this intention.

In a past life I employed a wonderful young man as a Sales Representative. He was from outside the industry and learnt quick. He was a real team player and a pleasure to be around.

We gained a large Queensland Government Contract just prior to him starting and his sales figures included expected growth. Well,the figures were optimistic and he wasn't going to hit his targets and therefore get his sales commission. I negotiated to treat this as an exception and was going to surprise him with a decent commission Cheque, when the other sales people received theirs.

Too late – the slight niggle meant he was receptive to an alternate job offer and we lost him.

If I had told him of my plans, he would have been happier and maybe not left us.

I didn't think I was taking the salesperson for granted, but I obviously wasn't as close as I should have been.

Have you had any similar experiences?

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