Fly away Home - News 24/7

Tue, Feb 4th, 2014 6:48:34 pm

This is a page from my "Bedtime Nursery Rhymes" book circa 1961.

I'm doing some "DeCluttering" and I'm actually just "ReDiscovering". Not too much is going out.

I've been thinking about the 24 hour news coverage of the horrible events in Syria, Egypt, Ukraine and how it comes into our homes, challenging our nice comfortable suburban lives.

But so do the Natural Disasters. Fire, Flood, Storms. Again all with instant, ongoing coverage.

The global access is incredible, countries that we would not have been aware of we see "as it happens",whatever "it" is.

This I feel has to be good. We are world citizens, we can't turn our backs.

I do hope this Rhyme wasn't the last one my Mum read me before turning off the light.

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