Heartfelt Homes. Charity helps families faced with the unforeseen

Sun, Oct 12th, 2014 1:45:59 pm

Heartfelt Homes is a Registered Charity that provides accommodation in emergency medical situations.

Caroline Meehan is an amazing woman who is challenged by lots of the same issues as small business owners.

As a start up – (Heartfelt Homes has just had it's first Birthday) Caroline has Cash Flow issues. With her product being an expense not an income, she must rely on fundraising and donations to keep the wheels turning. She has had to forget her ego and just get out there and sell her service.

She had had to learn to sell, to market, to handle her own Social Media, to handle lots and lots of administration. Web site, emails, functions, Networking, Press Releases.

...and then her own husband come down with Thyroid Cancer. Caroline and Andy and their two young children ironically faced the very issues Heartfelt Homes addresses. Keeping families together at times when they need to be together.

Caroline works hard. She feels the pain of the beneficiaries of her service.

Listen to her story.

Visit the page of Heartfelt Homes and do what you can to help.


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