How do I fix my business bottleneck?

Tue, Mar 11th, 2014 6:38:44 pm

We have some mature Hoop Pines behind our home. (Auracaria Cunninghamii). Being an ancient species, they believe in the quantity not quality of seeds they produce and boy did they outdo themselves this season.

When the wind blew we thought it was raining as the cones broke up, freeing all the seeds.

All our gutters filled up with seed and the rain then pushed them down the down pipes. Unknown to me they clogged up one pipe, blocking it solid.

Then came the part that I enjoy in my work life. How do we fix the bottleneck in this system?

Do I send one of those electronic eel things up the pipe?
Do I cut the pipe above the blockage and replace the metal downpipe?
Do I cut the poly pipe below the blockage?
Do I hire someone to fix it?
Do I use the high power hose to force water through?
Do I manipulate the join and see if I can get something inside the pipe?
Pour Caustic Soda down the gutter?
Do I ask my wife for directions?
This is obviously not an area of my expertise, but sorting out blockages in a business's workflow is.

Paperwork or Production. Accountability. Suitability.

Contact me if you think something could be flowing more smoothly in your organisation.

I can fix that.

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