How to Plan your way Forward - The Six Steps. [Free Whitepaper]

Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 4:18:39 pm


Kestrel Mentoring clients come from a wildly diverse small business base.

I support a huge variety of people. From masseuse to heavy machinery, from Start Up to established entrepreneur, from businesses with procedural characteristics to those creative ones - and I have discovered that when they first seek me out, they all have one common PAIN.

They all want to know;
Where do I go from Here?

Although "Here" is rarely the same spot for each of them they need to find their way forward.
There are many reasons for the Business stagnation;
Outright overwhelm, stress
Staff Issues
Lack of a specific skill set
Lack of productivity, motivation, enthusiasm or confidence.
Money or other resource restraints
Loss of Passion
The business is running on the spot, just waiting to be pointed in a direction.

A business standing still is being overtaken by the market.
Can you afford to be still for long?

Would a clear Focus help you?
Would developing a strategy take the pressure off?
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How to Plan Your Way Forward – The Six Steps.

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