Remy Tancred - Preparing for change and the Woman Entrepreneur

Mon, Jun 2nd, 2014 2:00:33 pm

Hi, Alan Glasby from Kestrel Business Assist here speaking (in a very busy Coffee shop!) to Remy Tancred, the incredibly hard working entrepreneurial owner of Sample Magazine and Sample Food Festival.

Remy's message to us is to:
"Plan - but be prepared for change. Remodel along the way."

Have a clear idea of where you want to be, but not necessarily how you are going to get there. Take the opportunities that present themselves - but only if they fit your core values and propel you towards that goal.

Remy's Northern Rivers Journey began with the Community news magazine "Lennox Wave".

Listening to her market and applying the internet trend that the consumer want to research, Remy moved her focus to Food of the Northern Rivers, creating "Sample" magazine. A high quality publication, "Sample" championed the region's growers and farmers.

Sample Food Festival grew from there, and is now outgrowing its home.

Somewhere along the way Remy found the time to be involved in the production of "Ate Phat Ducks" Eight ordinary women visit 30 extraordinary restaurants.

What's next for Remy?
Well, the day after this interview she was organising "Biggest Morning Tea" charity event at Cape Byron Lighthouse, then off to Melbourne for another trade show, peddling the Sample barrow.

Who knows what will follow; but you can be guaranteed that Remy will be following her passion.

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