Steve Jobs Agrees with Canberra Businesswomen!

Mon, Dec 2nd, 2013 4:54:24 pm

I recently returned to Canberra to attend the wedding of a wonderful young lady my wife and I witnessed growing up.
I was interested in a feature article in the "Canberra City News" titled "Secrets of Successful Women in Business".
To celebrate 21 years of the group, 68 ladies from Canberra Women in Business were asked what the secret of their success was.
I added a 69th person - hear what Steve Jobs had to say on this subject.

Passion and Determination were the qualities he believed were essential. These people...

"...loved what they did so they could persevere when it got really tough."

The Canberra Women in Business rated Passion highest. 25% stated Passion as the single most important attribute. Interestingly it is this passion that creates focus and a market niche appears.

Jill Bellchambers from Bellchambers Music School believed so strongly that music should be taught by ear, not eye (reading sheet music) that 30 years later she has 30 dedicated musicians teaching this way. A new way.

Determination accounted for 13% of stated reason for success. Michelle Mohr Head of Insurance Division and Group HR Manager for Azzaru Pty Ltd uses phrases like "Hard work","Grow more stronger", "Challenges", "Giving that little bit more"and "Never giving up" - I'm not going to stand in her way, are you?

Customer Focus polled highly as well with a large Retail base to the association. Strong Staff was a recurring theme, as was Continued Education.

Heather Reid CEO of Canberra Football says there is no secret. Success emanates from persistence and doing a lot of things well.
Tina from Tina Nikolovski Photography also agrees there is no one secret.
She credits"Passion, Dedication and Mindset"

Tina's 7 tips for a Successful Business are;
1.Focus on goals and make them happen one by one.
2.Focus on Craft not finances
3.Do not compare yourself to others,Challenge yourself.
4.Take a break should your passion wan.
5.Look for trends and push the boundaries
6.If nothing is happening - make it.
7.No Fear Factor. Believe in yourself.

Steve Jobs couldn't have said it better!
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