Take them down Passion Boulevard or get them off of Pain Street.

Thu, Jun 19th, 2014 1:52:28 pm

One of my favourite Bloggers and online marketers is Barry Feldman from Feldman Creative.

He is one who provides original, thought provoking content. One I haven't unsubscribed from.

In this pod cast with Pamela Muldoon from Next Stop Media Group, Barry speaks of his forthcoming book "Kiss my Glass" where he explains the relationship between on-line prospects and marketers. The "Kiss" is the intimacy developed and the glass is the chosen media of the recipient.

The phone, the tablet, the PC - the time, the place.

"If you're going to turn somebody on, you have to take them down Passion Boulevard or get them off of Pain Street." (Paraphrasing Tony Robbins)

The pod cast is an hour long and the link to the transcript and the pod cast are at the bottom of this post.

Here are some of the other points that resonated with me;

"..having that traditional marketing background I think lends itself to an interesting mix with clients as you approach them". P.M.
"the customer has seized control of the brand" B.F.
"Thinking's easy and writing's the hard part of thinking.""Ultimately, the best expression of your mind is going to be the things that you write." B.F.
I've had lots of mentors over the years, and I still have a handful of people that I trust to give me their opinion and have that be an honest opinion when I have an idea. Particularly if I think it's sort of risky or out there or unusual. And so I think aligning yourself with somebody can help. B.F.
"..it comes down to the comfort level, or the comfort zone. You buy things from people you feel comfortable with. And you don't buy things from people you don't feel comfortable with." B.F.
"people do not remember what you wrote, largely speaking. Nor do they remember what you said. They remember how you made them feel." B.F.
"What does that mean to get integrated into the passionate conversation when you're also looking to engage with your audience?" P.M.
"Tell me about you the person."B.F.
"I want you to open your ears to me and that's not going to happen, and there's no chance of making it happen unless I'm sensitive to what keeps you up at night, and what are your problems and what are your pleasures."B.F.
"..do the work. Put the hours in."P.M.
To listen to the pod cast and view the transcript; http://nextstagemediagroup.com/barry-feldman-interview/

Connect through your prospect's "Glass".

Take them down Passion Boulevard or get them off Pain Street.

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