We are holding technology back.

Wed, Feb 12th, 2014 6:44:41 pm

Can you acknowledge that feeling you get when you are sooooo excited that you don't quite believe it's happening and you look over your shoulder to see if it's OK to go on?

Remember your records, your tapes, - your CDs?

Remember iTunes?

Beyonce changed the world when she released her album in December without her record company Columbia.

On the weekend I watched a motor race, The Bathurst 12 hour. Streaming on my big screen TV. Plugged into my laptop.

I followed it on Twitter.(#B12hr) . I saw what the drivers and team owners and other punters were saying.

I have been watching motor sport since I was 8 and I have never enjoyed a telecast more.

Why do we need television stations?

I'm going to say "Why didn't Schapelle Corby just post her story online."

I'm going to say that for two reasons.

One; because I mean it and

Two; because I know more people will see my blog if I tag "Schapelle Corby"

( I have just now learnt how to spell her name).

We have to think in different ways.

Why wouldn't movies launch with their own website?

Why Free to Air or Cable at all?

I think we are looking over our shoulder just getting confirmation that it's right to run.

Let's go !

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