Prepare a Basic Business Plan

Use this template to develop your business plan or contact Kestrel Business Assist and we can work with you. This can be face to face or remotely.

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  • Accountability - Who are you accountable to?

    If the answer is “No-One”, then it will be likely that the results we achieve don’t really matter. If the answer is “Myself” then we have a mark to perform against.

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  • Bloody Customers!

    Have you ever found yourself exclaiming this statement? If you have, you are not on your own.

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  • Customer Profitability

    We must be aware who our profitable customers are and which customers take money off our bottom line.

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  • Delegation - Friend or Foe

    One of the obvious Time Management tools is Delegation, but we often have the attitude "No one does it as good as me! By the time I show someone how to do the task I could have had it finished”.

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  • Happiness - Be Grapeful!

    One of the prevailing theories about happiness proposes that Happiness is the difference between our expectations and our reality

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  • Pricing - Don't sell yourself cheap

    Despite the temptation, don’t fall into the trap of setting your prices too low. Remember, it is much easier to bring prices down than it is to put them up!

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