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I have found that every client has different needs and different skill sets. As a Mentor, I work genuinely one to one to compliment your skills and deliver the outcomes you are looking for.

Contact me and confirm that you are ready to commit to serious improvement.

I believe in getting things done, and we will structure a practical program that will deliver results.

Business Mentoring Monthly Plan

We conduct a initial 2 hour session to identify our priorities and our way forward. Over a five month period we meet twice per month for a one hour session and implement our action plan. We realistically reset our priorities and accountabilities. During each month further contact is made, via phone or video link, weekly at a fixed time to ensure we stay on track. Minutes including action points, deadlines and responsibilities after every session.  

Cost $3444

Mentoring is an on-going process. It is also a wholistic involvement where I am accessable for advice or as a sounding board. A working relationship of a most productive kind.Supporting,encouraging and yet objective. Action and results focussed.

Business Health Check - Planning and Strategy

To develop a practical, workable strategy, we would conduct a round table discussion. This initial discussion usually takes 4 hours. May be two x two. Bring your enthusiasm and a clear mind. We work through issues including;

  1. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. (SWOT analysis) 
  2. ATO Small Business benchmarking ( Does your business stand out to the ATO?)
  3. Market strategy. What are we doing now? How much should we spend? Social Media? Content Marketing? Where will your dollars work best?
  4. Goals and Objectives. A goal is where you want to be and an objective is how you are going to get there. We look at accountability and responsibility.
  5. Change management. How do we respond and react to changes in our market place and our own situation?
  6. Resources. Can we do what we need to do with what we have?
  7. Unique Selling Proposition. Why deal with us? Vision. Mission Statement. Elevator Statement. One page business plan. FOCUS.
  8. Plan of Action.

A further 90 minute session to discuss the Action Plan and its implimentation schedule.

Cost $4800.

Client Acquisition - Service Industries

Client acquisition is rapidly becoming a critical component of any service industry. The Practice owner needs to be razor sharp with their business direction. The whole office must be aligned with your vison. Two x 90min sessions gets you on track to find a regular path of incoming clients. Perfect for Accountants, Solicitors, Financial Planners and any where their business has grown organically around their skill, not as a business. 

Cost $5940. (Estimate based on a team of 5, including Principal, partners and team members)

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